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Governor’s Letter

Governor-Brian-Sandoval-JAG-NevadaWe are excited to have Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) underway in Nevada. JAG is a ground-breaking nonprofit program that has been credited with changing the lives of nearly three-quarters of a million young people across the country by helping them stay in school and move on to pursue higher education and gainful employment.

The results of the program have been so inspiring that Nevada has adopted the JAG model to serve as a lifeline for at-risk youth in our state. The original JAG model was launched in 1979 in Delaware and has since been adopted by 32 states, including Nevada.

As we continue our efforts in workforce and economic development, one of the most important areas of concentration is education. The future of Nevada depends on building an educated workforce and providing skilled workers to employers who can compete in a global marketplace.

Studies show that youth who fail to graduate struggle with other challenges that prevent them from earning the education they so rightly deserve. The holistic approach of the JAG model ensures that targeted students have the tools they need to graduate high school and become productive members of the workforce.

We are excited about this multi-faceted program that helps guide our students toward a successful future. We cannot afford to allow any of our young people to fall through the cracks. The JAG program has a solid track record and we are already seeing measurable success in Nevada.

Sincere regards,

Governor Brian Sandoval

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Jobs for America’s Graduates

The JAG Multi-Year Program is a highly effective, data-driven model that raises graduation rates and prepares participants by honing their work readiness skills. JAG students graduate at higher rates than their peers and are exceptionally prepared with a tool box of workplace skills that lead to success at work, in post-secondary education and/or the military.

Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates Inc. (aka JAG Nevada) is a private Nevada nonprofit formed at the request of the Nevada Governor’s Office to serve as the home base for the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program in Nevada.

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