JAG Governor's Message

I made the Silver State's initial investment in order to launch JAG Nevada during the 2013 legislative session based on the inspiring results I saw in more than 30 states. The evidence-based outcomes of the JAG program demonstrated how this opportunity could provide a lifeline for at-risk youth in our state. My decision to invest in JAG Nevada was an important piece of our state's larger commitment to improve education across Nevada and it has proven to be an investment well made. Since it began more than four years ago, JAG Nevada has expanded from seven programs serving more than 200 students to 54 programs serving more than 3,000 Nevada students, and I am proud to say 90 percent of those students are graduating.

When I first brought JAG to Nevada, I ensured the program was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to support a robust public-private partnership. To continue with their important work, JAG Nevada's funding must come from the state, employers, companies, corporations and individuals. This is critical because JAG Nevada is highly effective in connecting students with futures that include high school completion, entry to gainful employment and post-secondary programs that support the development of skills in Nevada's in-demand industries. We are grateful to organizations like Strada Education Network for leading the way with a $1.25 Million investment to grow JAG Nevada in Clark County, and AT&T, for providing more than $500,000 since our inception, which supports growth across the state.

I have been so pleased with the results JAG Nevada is generating that I am recommending to my successor that growth of this program continue until every high school in Nevada has JAG. I hope you consider joining us to ensure that this important work continues for the benefit of our great state and our students. Thanks you again for taking the time to learn about the JAG program and I wish you all the best.

Sincere regards,
Governor Brian Sandoval