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JAG Nevada graduates every student, career and job ready!

Jesus Sepulveda Has Graduated Work Ready!

JAG Nevada is proud to recognize Jesus who graduated from JAG Las Vegas High School and is actively pursuing a career in the nursing field.  Jesus is currently enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada and his career goal is to complete the nursing program and enter the nursing profession. Jesus is also working part-time at Goodwill. Having overcome many barriers to succeed, Jesus is an excellent role model for other students who are at-risk of dropping out of high school before they graduate from high school. He is enthusiastic about reaching out to the current JAG Nevada students and has returned to Las Vegas High School not only to act as a mentor, but also to gain community service hours by assisting the Las Vegas High School program for his College of Southern Nevada Sociology class.

JAG Nevada is the most highly effective dropout intervention model in the US where students graduate work-ready.  We don’t just focus on getting more kids to graduate.  We prepare them for life after high school by teaching them the practical skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, and helping them enroll in post-secondary education or the military.  Earning a diploma is just the beginning for JAG students.

In the long-term, JAG Nevada graduates will have lower rates of unemployment, incarceration, and welfare program enrollment, which benefits the economies of our state and local communities and makes our communities more prosperous and vibrant.

JAG Nevada has a graduation rate of 83%, above state and national averages.  This achievement is more remarkable when the fact that 52% of JAG Nevada’s students come from the bottom quarterly of their academic class upon entry.

As directed by Governor Brian Sandoval in unison with the Nevada State Legislature, JAG Nevada has expanded to 54 programs in 43 high schools serving over 2,500 students in 12 Nevada counties in less than three years!

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Jobs for America’s Graduates

The JAG Multi-Year Program is a highly effective, data-driven model that raises graduation rates and prepares participants by honing their work readiness skills. JAG students graduate at higher rates than their peers and are exceptionally prepared with a tool box of workplace skills that lead to success at work, in post-secondary education and/or the military.

Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates Inc. (aka JAG Nevada) is a private Nevada nonprofit formed at the request of the Nevada Governor’s Office to serve as the home base for the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program in Nevada.

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JAG Nevada