The New Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO)

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The new law seeks to safeguard personal data while increasing transparency for customers. Companies will be required to disclose how they use such information as well as give people access and control over their own information – an outcome which will benefit both consumers and economic growth alike.

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Personal data, according to the PDPO, refers to any information which allows an identifiable individual to be directly or indirectly identified from it and can easily be processed for access and processing. This definition encompasses data regarding an individual’s identity and location – for instance their name, nationality, gender, job title, date of birth, contact details and any personal opinions or behaviour whether true or not.

At times, certain personal data can be exempted from legal requirements. Examples include information necessary for protecting Hong Kong’s security, defence and international relations; crime prevention/detection/assessment or collection of tax/dutie; preventive health care treatment/prevention activities/news activities or legal proceedings – usually when this exemption is necessary to safeguard personal data.

Data that has been lawfully collected falls under the purview of Hong Kong’s Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO), even when processed outside Hong Kong. Since there are no explicit provisions conferring extraterritorial application in PDPO, users should assess whether its provisions apply before making decisions about how they will comply with it.

If you plan to visit Hong Kong, it is advised that you bring a mobile phone that supports GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology. Modern phones typically support this standard; older models may not be compatible with local frequencies such as CDMA phones which cannot be used there as these operate on traditional European frequencies. An online mobile network scanner can help ensure compatibility; additionally there is also a list of approved networks in Hong Kong on their official government website.