Hong Kong Pools

Swimming is one of the best exercises for both body and mind, helping reduce stress levels, promote good sleep patterns and raise energy levels while simultaneously helping with weight reduction and heart health improvement. Furthermore, you don’t need a pool nearby as most Hong Kong hotels feature pools as an amazing summer spot! These facilities not only feature first-rate facilities with gorgeous views; but there are also dining options that make the experience all that more pleasurable!

If you are visiting Hong Kong, take some time to experience its beautiful pools! They will offer an unforgettable experience that you will not soon forget. First on the list is Kowloon Park Swimming Pool which was constructed as part of an expanded and renovated Kowloon Park that opened its doors again in 1989 and was designed by an international consortium including UK architects Derek Walker & Associates as well as local firm Simon Kwan & Associates from Hong Kong – located at Wai Man Road Sai Kung.

Tsing Yi Swimming Complex was opened in 1989 at 51 Tsing King Road in Tsing Yi. This pool features four pools: main pool, teaching pool, leisure pool and kid’s pool – as well as water slides and fountains that children will surely love! Furthermore, Tsing Yi Swimming Complex is well known for its excellent facilities and friendly staff – truly making for an outstanding swimming experience!

On Thursday, most public and government-run pools across Hong Kong reopened following their annual summer closure; however, 20 partially operational pools due to a shortage of lifeguards will only operate partially due to a union warning that this would “affect industry development and swimmers.” However, according to government statistics it had increased salaries of seasonal lifeguards as well as recruited more lifeguards so most pools should become fully functional by next week.