Hong Kong Pools

Nothing beats spending an afternoon lounging by the pool in Hong Kong! From family reunions and gatherings of friends to relaxing by yourself or just simply cooling off from the heat, its many swimming pools offer an oasis of cool to escape to in the city’s scorching summer temperatures and to have some fun splashing about.

Swimming pools have long been part of Hong Kong residents’ healthy lifestyle and a favorite recreational activity, however the sanitation conditions of certain pools in the city may be cause for alarm, with some even becoming polluted with vomit and even feces, prompting some pools to close or even completely shut down due to health concerns.

The Pao Yue-Kong Swimming Pool complex in the Southern District was officially inaugurated by Governor Murray MacLehose on 9 July 1977, named in honour of Pao Yue-Kong who donated funds toward its construction. The complex includes indoor and outdoor pools; additionally there is a water sports centre and diving training school on site. Previously managed by Urban Council’s Division of Environment; since 1986 administration was transferred to Regional Council’s (RegCo). RegCo built new facilities while upgrading existing ones.

Tai Po is your perfect destination if you’re in search of an enjoyable pool with numerous slides. Home to one of the highest and longest water slides in town, this pool attracts both families on weekends as well as weekdays alike. Additionally, its seven pools include teaching pools as well as diving and leisure pools – perfect for everyone from teaching children how to swim through to adult recreational swimming pools!

Swimming pool operators were left scrambling during the recent LCSD workers’ strike to keep their pools operating, with some entirely closing and others closing part or all of their facilities, such as toddler pools. Other pools opened without lifeguards in charge provided schools or training centres ensured a qualified person was available on site.

Check out this handy guide from LCSD to find the top Hong Kong pools! This selection is based on recommendations from swimming experts and includes both indoor and outdoor pools; download it all here. Just remember rates vary between weekdays at HK$17 per day and weekends at HK$19; concessionary or free rates may apply, and most outdoor pools only operate from April until October before closing for maintenance several times throughout the year – don’t wait any longer, pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and head straight out! You’ll thank yourself later! Good luck and have fun!