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Student growth percentiles provide an effective measure of academic progress, and can provide a fair way of comparing those with similar prior test scores regardless of when they entered school system. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions surrounding growth percentiles which must be dispelled.

SGP provides more than just its standard student growth percentile report; we also offer several other reports to give parents insight into how their child is performing across various subject areas and tests. You can download them free of charge from their website.

These reports can help you measure your child’s results against other students in his/her state or nation. Furthermore, these reports allow you to better focus on his or her learning needs and provide them with all of the support needed for success.

SGP provides you with access to an abundance of data on their website, from state and district-by-district reports, as well as an interactive calculator which shows where your child ranks compared with students across the country. It’s user friendly and extremely informative!

This site also provides parents with additional resources, including guides to the standards, sample lesson plans and strategies for supporting your child’s academic performance. In addition, parents and teachers alike can download a printable version of the SGP to keep an eye on children’s progress.

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