Sdy Pools are natural rock formations formed by the tide that are found within Sydney’s Royal National Park – one of the world’s oldest national parks. Popular among swimmers, hikers and nature enthusiasts, Sdy Pools provide coastal wilderness for swimmers, hikers and nature enthusiasts. Plus they host rare plants as well as whale and seal watching opportunities!

Sdy Pools can be reached easily by either driving or walking along the Cabbage Tree Bay Eco Sculpture Walk on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. There is a car park at the northern end of Shelly Beaches; parking fees apply here; sunbathing, picnicking, swimming are popular activities here as is sunbaking along the Manly to Shelly Beaches promenade which borders it – make your way around until you find a 50 metre freshwater rock pool with Sea Nymphs sculpture at its backside!

The Sdy pools provide an ideal destination if you are seeking an escape from city life and seeking some peaceful respite. Ideal for an afternoon swim and snorkelling enthusiasts alike, its waters provide clean, clear conditions perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. Plus it’s a wonderful family fun spot with picnic and barbeque areas where everyone can come together and celebrate this great place!

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