The Winner of the $13 Million Singapore Pools Prize Draw on Dec 7

Rangoon Provision Shop was home to the winning ticket for December 7’s $13 Million Singapore Pools Prize Draw, purchased with a $7 Quick Pick ticket purchased on Dec 7. This ticket holds one out of eleven chances at winning the top prize, featuring winning numbers 08-06-09-10-11-03-13.

As competition at the highest levels is intense, competing at its pinnacle can be expensive – only a select few make the podium. Athletes hoping to pursue Olympic medals need to invest years of training – often incurring large financial costs as a result. In order to reduce some of these costs, National Olympic Council of Singapore recently devised an incentive scheme rewarding major medal winners at Olympic, Commonwealth or SEA Games events with cash awards.

As election campaigns approach, politicians and advocates for sustainable economies with greener living conditions are encouraging citizens to spend more time in their neighbourhoods and spend less time watching television. Meanwhile, organizers of this year’s SINGAPORE Prize for Community Innovation hope that their annual awards ceremony will support initiatives within communities as well as invigorate residents to build an inclusive society.

This year at the Singapore Prize for Community Innovation saw a welcome return of its People’s Choice category, which recognizes projects with significant social or environmental impacts. Finalists selected through online voting included Eco-Synergise project which converts used cooking oil to biodiesel for fuel; and iRecycle which recycles smartphone accessories.

After two years of absence, Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) is back. Organised by National Book Development Council of Singapore, SLP awards outstanding published works written in Chinese, English or Malay to writers for publication within two years of receiving nomination. Winners receive both cash awards as well as an engraved trophy to commemorate their achievement.

SLP judges come from both the academic and literary communities, including scholars at National University of Singapore as well as media and cultural sectors. This year’s jury is led by Kishore Mahbubani of NUS Asia Research Institute’s distinguished fellows; other judges include author Meira Chand, historian Lam San Ling, archaeologist John Miksic as well as archaeologist.

British Prince William will travel to Singapore next month for the third annual Earthshot Prize award ceremony, founded by him in 2020 in order to preserve our planet and visit local groups working against climate change. Temasek Trust, an ecosystem builder with extensive networks, will serve as one of its founding partners, helping identify innovative solutions and eco-innovators across Asia while sharing learnings to identify, support and celebrate winners from its extensive ecosystems and networks.