What is a Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino is an online gambling game in which you interact with a real dealer in real time, streamed live from a studio or land-based casino and to your computer or mobile device. Chatting with them during gameplay makes these live versions feel more realistic than computer-generated versions.

Most live casinos will feature games familiar to online casino gamers, such as blackjack, roulette and poker. Some live casinos also provide more niche options such as baccarat, craps or even gameshow-style games; this type of play can often serve as an introduction to casino gaming online.

Software providers who create live casino games come from all different industries and backgrounds, typically highly-specialized companies with access to resources and technology required for quality casino gaming. The top software providers utilize state-of-the-art video technology for high-resolution capture of live games.

These games are also designed to be as seamless and efficient as possible, using software designed specifically to convert dealer actions to data that is then analyzed by software that runs games to display results on your screen. This technology has the power to significantly enhance how realistic your experience feels.

Live casino software can be quite complex. To ensure a seamless game, it needs to be capable of detecting even minute changes in camera images as well as movements from players and dealers, and adjust video feed speed according to player internet connections – an essential step that ensures gameplay continues smoothly without slowdowns or interruptions.

Dependent upon their software platform, an online casino may restrict live game activity to specific hours during the day or night as a safety measure against being distracted during busy times by their games. Nonetheless, most reliable operators run their games nonstop.

Live casino games involve connecting to a dealer through webcam, who then has a monitor on their desk which shows all bets placed and also displays rules and payout rates of each game – this way you can place bets while conversing with them while gaming.

While live casinos do present some drawbacks, most players would agree that the experience is much more thrilling than merely spinning a wheel or dealing cards in an artificial environment. Though the technology behind live casinos is sophisticated, some players may experience issues with streaming while other users might find it infuriating that other users can see what you are doing on your screen.