SGp prize is a Singapore literary award which recognizes and rewards Singaporean authors’ works. With a long and esteemed history, this literary prize provides new writers an excellent platform to get their work noticed by publishing houses and readers alike. Furthermore, its wide fanbase makes this an excellent platform for writers looking to publish and be recognized for their efforts.

Since 1960, Singapore’s Golden Point Prize (SGP Prize) has been presented annually and represents an amazing feat for any author who is lucky enough to win it. Not only will their career flourish further if they win this prize money but it is open to all Singapore citizens, making this highly coveted award much sought-after among aspiring authors hoping for one day being successful enough to claim this coveted honor.

As part of entering the SGP Prize competition, make sure that your application is complete and correct before submitting it on time – check deadlines online at SGP Prize website to determine when they close!

Care should also be taken in meeting eligibility requirements, which vary for each category. Some categories require certain levels of education or work experience while others focus on certain topics like science or technology. Furthermore, you will have to meet a minimum age requirement of 21 years old before you can be accepted into one of the programs.

Those not eligible are unlikely to win the prize; however, it would still be prudent to submit an application because it could open doors to other opportunities – for instance, funding may be available to assist with research in your field of expertise that helps address problems in that arena.

At the end of the day, it is up to the judges to select who will receive a prize. They will look over your work submitted, considering if it meets all requirements for that award or not. If they do not believe it does meet such requirements they will deny you one.

The Earthshot prize is supported by various organisations, including investment company Temasek, decarbonisation investment platform GenZero, non-profit environmental organisation Conservation International and Standard Chartered Bank. Its mission is to encourage people to work together towards lasting positive change that benefits generations to come; last year’s awards funded projects by Omani teams that proposed extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by Kenyan businesses that reduced air pollution through creating reliable stoves.

People interested in the SGP Prize should keep an eye out for this year’s winners to be revealed. They will be announced in late June and awarded with a grant of $100k towards their project, selected from among the most promising entries submitted across each category of the Prize; other finalists will each be granted $25,000 to continue working; therefore, this could be either a startup or established company that comes out victorious!