hk pools

Hong Kong may conjure images of shopping and dim sum, rather than swimming pools, but that would be wrong! Hong Kong boasts many picturesque waterparks – from world’s highest pool to natural infinity ponds on mountain sides – plus several public pools offering relief from Hong Kong’s intense heat.

Now that coronavirus restrictions have eased up, local pools are drawing swimmers in with fun water slides and fountains – even featuring splash buckets to keep kids amused!

As public pools typically limit attendance to 100 people per session, arriving early to make sure you secure admission is key to your experience. Visit LCSD’s website for specific opening hours for further details.

Outdoor pools will remain open through October and indoor pools will close for maintenance during winter, giving you plenty of opportunities to take a dip this summer. There are 44 Hong Kong pools tucked throughout the city that you are sure to find near home.

Ma On Shan’s largest public pool, Ma On Shan Pool is well-known for its array of water slides. There is something suitable for every age at this public facility; three leisure pools, including one circular paddling pool and Olympic-sized teaching and training pools can all be found here as well as children’s pools with mushroom and tree-shaped fountains adorning each.

Admission prices to HKS pools generally range between HK$17 on weekdays and weekends/public holidays to HK$19 during weekends/public holidays; toddlers under three are free; senior citizens and students pay discounted rates; swimmers should wear proper swimming attire including shorts, rash guards and bikinis that adhere to safety requirements – no rubber flip flops please, they damage pool surfaces! Flip flops that use rubber are also discouraged as their use damages pool surfaces; pregnancies must use waterproof disposable diapers while those requiring incontinent care must use disposable waterproof swim diapers when swimming – no thongs string bikinis or see-through clothing is allowed anywhere – pregnant women must not swim!