Class of 2017

Before JAG, I was a lazy student and failed most of my classes during my freshman and sophomore years. I didn’t have a job, and I did not have faith in my school.

Once I joined JAG, things started to change. I began doing better in school and got my life sorted out. My JAG Specialist, Mr. Merrill, taught me how to write a resume and improved my job interviewing skills, which helped me land my first “on the books” job.

Honestly, JAG taught me more about life and the workforce than high school itself. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and today, I am proud to be PFC Weber, a 3521 (Diesel mechanic). Had it not been for JAG, I wouldn't have raised my grades enough to graduate from high school and enlist.

JAG played a major role in life and I am eternally grateful!